Forestry of the future

Forestry is continuously changing and evolving. The challenges that loggers, foresters and forest companies face daily bring about solutions and improvements that reflect the incredible resourcefulness of those who work in the forest industry. Major technological breakthroughs have been seen throughout the decades - and there is more to come. The need for renewable resources continues to grow. At the same time, there are high environmental expectations of the industry. Also, Globalization has increased the pressure on the entire industry and the need to improve our practices and technologies is now more important than ever.

Steep slope

Accessing timber and recruiting qualified operators continues to be challenging, TimberMAX has introduced an innovative and reliable solution for loggers: the Traction-Winch. The T-Series Traction-Winch is robust, powerful and reliable. The winch's compact spooling system makes it compatible with a wide range of carriers while simplifying and reducing installation.


The mechanization of logging operations has significantly reduced the number of accidents. However, risks and dangers still need to be intensively managed. TimberMAX is not only building logging equipment; it is our commitment to ensuring the users of our technology have the training and support to get the maximum benefit from our equipment and return home safely.

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