iWinch display

User friendly, embedded solution

iWinch Automatic CONTROL system

The display is mounted to the steep slope machine and relays information essential to effective operation of the winch unit to the operator on a high-contrast, 12'' monitor. Additional information available is diagnostics, troubleshooting and statistics.

Drum Camera: The spooling quality is paramount to maintaining a long cable lifetime. The camera gives the operator the opportunity to confirm at any time that the system is operating correctly.

Tension setup: The iWinch system recognizes which direction the slope machine is moving. It can be set to 3 different tension settings :

    • Uphill
    • Not moving
    • Downhill

Slope test: Operators can test the soil traction capacity by having the cable tension reduced to zero, to determine if the machine will hold on the slope unassisted. Safety is a priority!


Bidirectional communication

TimberMAX maintains that it is paramount to sustain safe communication between the winch and slope machine and offers a high-end solution. Even in a two-machine system, it is possible to monitor the winch unit. The operator in the slope machine can monitor the flowing: Winch Carrier Alarms (Low fuel, low engine oil pressure, check engine, over temperature, low hydraulic oil level)

System protection and speed control of the slope machine

The TimberMAX Traction-Winch can be utilized for both track and wheeled machines. Track machines tend to require a high pull and lower speed; the wheeled application requires a faster cable speed. This system is integrated to limit the top speed while the winch is engaged, preventing Overspeed while enabling the operator to focus on the task at hand.

Data logging and statistics

The angle sensor mounted in the slope machine allows the operator to get feedback on the current slope gradient. Winch tension, slope gradient and slope test data are recorded in the iWinch. This data can be accessed and utilized for operational planning and reporting.

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